Eastern Chic. Meet a Bunch of Stylish Russian Fashion Bloggers


ussia has been a dreamer’s market for fashion brands for more than a decade. Even smaller Italian and French firms exported loads of luxury products in towns big and small spanning from StPetersburg to Kazan. But few in Old Europe are acquainted with reliable bloggers and influencers in order to enter that market in depth. Here are a few of them. More to follow …

Fashion Not Fashion

Anastasia Kuzmina from Moscow is a professional blogger, freelance journalist and a dreamer. She dreams about living in a beautiful country where sun always shines and all people are beautiful. She doesn’t actually write about any of these things, it is just the feeling that you get while reading her blog. she have more than 20.9k follower on instagram and girls from all over the world like the photo shooting with her little daughter on VKontacte.


Russian Doll

Russian Doll by Juliet Polilova, a pretty 19-years-old blogger from Moscow, who is very active in different online fashion communities and has been featured in Russian offline press as well as at Grazia.it and in Malaysian newspaper “The StarJuliet’s social walls are mostly photo albums of her travels and shopping days. She has more than 7000 followers on VKontakte (the Russian Fb), and 14.500 on Instagram.


Fashion Mind

Fashion Mind is both a style and inspiration blog by Nataly Romashko, a make up artist and stylist from St Petersburg. Apart from posting her own looks she writes about everything beautiful and unusual, from cabbage dresses to Britney Spears.


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